World population day

It is world population day.

In 2050 we expect to live with 10 billion people on this planet. We have to feed, house, employ all of them and take care for their health, safety and welfare. Overpopulation is a direct result of the existing social structures and underdevelopment.  We see that in countries with a high degree of prosperity and education, the population growth is much lower than in poor countries.

The capacity of the earth can feed up to ten million people as long as we take the transition to a blue economy seriously. We have to stop burning everything the earth is giving us and restructure our way we abuse the earth for the production of nonsense.

Next to that we can to reproduce ourselves in moderation to reduce the growth.   

Today the UNFPA (the population fund of the UN) asks attention for population growth. We want a world where every birth is safe and every child has the opportunity to feed, develop and find work. It is therefore important to achieve the millennium goals. See more about these Global Goals on our website difweb.org

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