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Even the weather man doesn’t know what to expect anymore. Some weather forecasts are predicting temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius for the coming week, but nobody knows for sure anymore what’s coming. It could happen…or it could just as easily not happen at all. The amount of times that the weather keeps even the weather men guessing keeps increasing, so how should we know?

Perhaps the high temperatures will knock some sense into our politicians, and get them to take real action for once. Because the one advantage of the weather is that everyone has something to say about it, while climate change continues to be a rather abstract subject for most. So connecting the two seems to make sense. But that doesn’t mean we can compare the parched roses in your backyard with the climate disasters that are taking place right now in other parts of the world. We can’t compare it to floods in Bangladesh and Japan, or the devastating drought in Ecuador, the desertification in all continents and the rising sea levels at the Pacific islands.

Climate agreement objectives for CO2 reduction cost too much and are not efficient enough. We have to move toward a society that uses and removes CO2, rather than one that gradually emits less of it. We cannot hesitate to target air travel and transport either, some of the biggest polluters, or sea transport, another big sinner. And slap a substantial tax on intensive livestock farming and meat sales. Now that would be progress.

Of course, nothing wrong with enjoying the nice weather and a beautiful summer. No reason to migrate South for the holidays, where a permanent heatwave and droughts are predictable for even the biggest amateur.

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