The division of the world

The world seems tobe dividing itself ever further. This past weekend, over 100,000 Britons marched against Brexit in London. And Erdogan may have won the elections in Turkey, but his party is no longer the biggest in the Turkish Parliament, and even the Kurds made it over the electoral threshold. Meanwhile in the US, mid-term elections in New Jersey and Virginia seem to herald the end of the Trump-era already. There is no longer a political left or right, it seems to me that the world is dividing itself in nationalistic populists on the one hand, and modern cititzens of the world on the other. People who think they can protect their bank accounts and their safety by electing demagogues such as Erdogan, Trump and Farage, and people that recognize that the only solution for a better world is to slowly let borders fade away and give world politics a chance.

Of course, the main advantage that the demagogues have is that journalism is fighting a losing battle against the widespread fake news. Take the Brexit; advocates like Farage claimed until a day after the referendum that leaving the EU would earn Great Britain 350 million pound a week, while careful calculations done by the Financial Times in January showed that it has actually cost 469 million pound per week. Erdogan gained immensely from the coup against him, for which he blamed the seemingly harmless elderly and exiled Gülen. More and more people now believe he actually planned the coup himself. And Trump, the uncrowned king of fake news, taking real news facts and proclaiming them to be fake news, while sending fake news into the world himself. It is these methods that earned him the electoral victory over Clinton.

Good thing there is no longer a left or right, good thing that in the world of politics, it no longer makes any real difference if the populists or the globalists are in power. Whatever does or does not happen in the world is determined by the economy. Even though money has always ruled the world, this is just becoming clearer and clearer now that the division in the electorate is leaving politicians more and more powerless. So where does the power lie? Not necessarily in business, the era in which global behemoth companies and entrepreneurial families ruled the world has also come and gone. The global economic system is so strong that, by and large, it determines our future as a natural instrument.

It determines whether or not Great Britain can really leave Europe, in the same way it decides when Turkey may join it. And it will decide what our future will look like. Just like large companies in the US and Europe will continue to make their businesses more sustainable, prevent London from a hard Brexit and will eventually free Turkey from its dictator.




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