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Summary: Closed Loop Partners is an investment firm focused on building circular economies, generating revenue, and protecting the environment

SGDG’s 2030: Goal 12: responsible production and consumption, goal13: climate action, goal 15: life on land,

Location: New York, USA

CEO: Ron Gonen

Impact: 18millions of households in the USA

The USA based investment firm Closed Loop Partners empowers monetary systems where products are consumed, recycled and reincarnated as valuable commodities. Gathered from different nations, Industry CEOs, CFOs, investors and former heads of government agencies join hands in creating supply chains  and recycling economies. Their aim is to reduce costs of waste management and to strengthen the environment.
An example of their effort is the Baltimore high-tech recycling plant. Thanks to CLP’s funding in 2015 the recycling factory changes the linear line of waste economy, sorting out 54.00 tons of plastic a year. In order to get the project running the fund generated 100 million dollars, collected from big companies as  Walmart, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Goldman Sachs.
In supporting major recycling projects the fund seeks to establish self-sustaining factories of waste management, allowing for a safe and cleaner way of global garbage disposal. A model that, if successful, will change large-scale recycling.

An estimated impact on the environment, presented by the CLP website, is the reduction of 16 million ton of greenhouses gases and the 8 million cumulative tons of waste from landfills by 2030.
‘To date’, comments CEO Ron Gonen: ’We have invested in over 40 companies focused on building the circular economy. Our investment sectors include municipal recycling, consumer products and packaging, fashion and apparel, electronics and agriculture/food waste.’
In this way, Ron hopes ‘to be the leading advisory and investment firm for the development of circular economy business models.’

Ron Gonen CEO of Closed Loop Partners

Have a look at their website www.closedlooppartners.com/

And take a tour to the Baltimore plant in the video below

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