Pension kills

How many people you know have died shortly after their retirement? Or maybe they “started to take it easy” and did not participate in social activities anymore. Many pensioners are practically dead, no longer significant for society. Stored away in retirement homes.

Our system is ridiculous. People have to bust their ass off all the way up to retirement, and then all their acquired skills, experience and knowledge are cast aside. While staying active in their field is actually much better for their health. Why should we not start gradually working less at the age of 50 and ensure that the life experience of the elderly can continue to be used? So then the possibility to continue working until you are 90 becomes an option. Of course with less hours, and for those who prefer to go fishing or want to see something of the world, they have the freedom to choose for themselves. The work will be distributed more fairly, which is something we are already ready for in this society where some people have to work two jobs in order to survive while others long to work from home.

Equally important: You can learn a lot from the life experience of older people. Because the elderly are in a different phase of their life, they can view things in a different light. That can be very educational or refreshing. Older people have already seen everything, so they have a ample knowledge and experience.

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