Open arms

One of the greatest scandals of our time for which we Europeans should be deeply ashamed is the fact that more than 34,000 people have drowned on their way to Europe in recent years. In rickety boats, without life jackets, in rough seas in the dark night, more than 300,000 people set out to escape their poverty. Many of them did not make it and washed up on our beaches or were devoured by fish.
The anti-socials among us will say: “What are these people looking for here?” They do not feel responsible for the fact that we have been exploiting Africa for 250 years and that, despite all development aid, bilateral aid and do-good from the wealthy, nothing has changed. They still grow pig food and cotton for us on the land where they can actually grow their food.
Our answer: forbid the auxiliary ships from docking in our ports and arrest their captains to save the lives of their passengers.
Let us welcome the refugees.

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