Left and right: ancient history

In Italy, left and right winged populists are working on a coalition for a new government. Both the leftish Five Star movement and the far-right Lega are negotiating to lead the country in the coming years. A bizarre development. Especially when you realize what topics the populists agree on. They are against the established order and against the regime of the financial markets. Of course, they are also against the EU, but that, I’m sure, will be adjusted after some careful calculations. After all, even though they belong to the net payers (the lowest), they benefit so much from the lack of borders that they will come to their senses in the end.

The concepts “left” and “right” in politics are completely out-dated. The political establishment is now divided between short-sighted nationalists and downtrodden globalists. It is really time for a big change. We need politicians that assume that we live in a world in which we have to share our prosperity and wealth but also listen to what common people want. They should indeed shake up the established order and financial markets, but also choose for a human approach of the immigrant problem.

The two Italian populists are clear on this last point: away with them!

I think it’s a good idea to vote for humourists and stand-up comedians to enter parliamentary elections. It would make looking at parliamentary debates a lot more attractive. But the comedian Beppo Grillo of the Five Star movement showed his real face now with these actions. By joining an extreme right-wing party, Grillo shows yet again that power corrupts, absolutely.

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