BioLite cooking stoves save lives

A great way to save nature and cook without polluting combustion

Summary: Jonathan Cedar and Alexander Drummond invented a cook stove that doesn’t cause any air pollution.
SGDG’s 2030: Goal 7: affordable and clean energy
Location: New York, USA
Inventors: Jonathan Cedar and Alexander Drummond
Impact: Billions of households in USA, Latin-America and Africa

Switching from fossil fuels to thermal energy is made simple and affordable by Jonathan Cedar and Alexander Drummond. These engineers in 2008 created the bio-lite camp stove, a portable cooking device generating on biomass and combusting smokeless fire. The BioLite camp stove also provides LED-light and can be used as a charger. This form of safe and sustainable energy – the inventors are well aware of – makes immediate impact in developing countries.

Jonathan Cedar

All over the world billions of households daily cook with open fires, deposing the chefs (and anyone around them) to life threatening toxic smoke. Providing them with clean energy, Jonathan and Alexander designed a BioLite home stove which needs only half the fuel of a regular cook stove and reduces ninety percent of toxic emissions.

In 2016 the BioLite community expanded to more than 100 countries thanks to parallel invention. According to this business model revenues from the domestic market are invested in creating new technologies to provide low-income households in Africa with safe energy. Also BioLite in 2015 had partnered up with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). Thanks to these MFI’s poor families are enabled to make small loans, which allow them to invest in businesses and assets that can generate income. It’s with this small amount of money that these households can purchase BioLite stoves.
Safe cooking, so BioLite argues, has never been so feasible.
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