Cities and countries that have banned plastic

Some countries have banned plastics due to the high volume of plastic litter that negatively affects the environment. It’s a start in the right direction, here’s a list of countries and cities that have already banned the use of plastic bags and other single-use plastics entirely:

1. Kenya

In August 2017, the usage of plastic bags was completely banned in Kenya. If anyone is found selling, producing or even carrying any kind of plastic bag they could face up to 4 years imprisonment or a hefty fine of up $40,000.

2. Rwanda

Rwanda has the right to be called the world’s first plastic free nation, 10 years after introducing a ban on all plastic bags and plastic packaging, in 2008. If you are caught with a plastic, you will get a jail sentence for up to six months and on entering a border post, your vehicle will be searched and any plastic bags or packaging confiscated before you enter the country.

3. Morocco

Morocco was the second largest consumer nation of plastic in the world after the United States. A plastic ban was signed into law in July 2016. Despite the enforced law, many people still continue to use plastics illegally. These plastics are distributed by smugglers.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan introduced a ban restricting the usage of plastic bags, straws, plastic utensils and cups in February 2018.

5. New Delhi

Due to the illegal burning of plastics at rubbish dumps, India implemented the plastic ban in 2017. The burning of plastic, affected the air immensely creating the worst air quality in the world.

6. France

In 2015, France announced a ban on plastic bags. The following year, the country banned the usage of plastic cups, plates and cutlery.

7. Montreal

In the past Montreal, Canada used around two billion plastics items each year. The banning of plastics law kicked off there this year with fines of up to $1 000 if you’re caught using all types plastic.

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