Oxitec: the bio mosquitoe killer

How we can kill mosquitos on a biological way

Less rules, more care

How a small country is a leading example in the world of healthcare. Buurtzorg, one of the Netherlands’ largest home care organizations, is exporting its healthcare model all across the world. Thousands of...

Beat the HIV epidemic

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa. In 2017, roughly 36.9 million people were living with HIV/AIDS, despite a 47% decrease in the number of new HIV infections since 1996 (UNAIDS). Several...

The last mile

The major problem for remote areas in poor countries is seemingly being resolved. Where people had to walk a full day to reach a doctor or pharmacy, now advanced technology is being used to provide healthcare.

Little big battle

The elimination of malaria, HIV/aids, and TB before 2030 That’s one of the sustainable development goals which 195 global leaders signed in 2015.. But it isn’t an easy process. Dif Report presents a number of...

The fight against tropical diseases

The German pharmaceutical corporation Merck donated over 200 million tablets of praziquantel to the World Health Organization (WHO). They were given to people suffering from schistosomiasis, also known as...

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