Beat the HIV epidemic

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa. In 2017, roughly 36.9 million people were living with HIV/AIDS, despite a 47% decrease in the number of new HIV infections since 1996 (UNAIDS). Several organizations are fighting the disease through prevention, education and action, but it will be impossible to stop without proper medicines and additional assistance such as healthy meals, education and medical support for HIV-positive expecting mothers.


Make HIV medicines more accessible 

Medicines are expensive. Global collective action to make HIV medicines more accessible and affordable is crucial in ending this epidemic. There is progress; organisations that fight HIV / AIDS are gradually seeing improvement. But we are not there yet.



In the past 20 years, the Orange Babies Foundation has been initiating projects in southern Africa for people who experience the consequences of HIV/AIDS. Make a direct donation via: https://orangebabies.nl/en/donate. See the impact your contribution can have.

Adrian Kuipers

With € 5, –

a child can get healthy meals for a week; crucial when taking HIV medications.

Adrian Kuipers

With € 25,-

a child can go to school for 3 months, including school fees, uniforms and books.

Adrian Kuipers

With € 100,-

you ensure that a baby is born without HIV, thanks to the right medical support for the HIV-positive mother.

Adrian Kuipers

With € 200,- 

we provide underprivileged young children with physical exercise, reading and writing classes in order to improve their access to primary education.

Adrian Kuipers

With € 500,-

you provide microcredit to an underprivileged mother. With this money she can start her own company and thus take care of her family.

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