Be proud

August 3rd

50 years ago activists first started to worry about the situation in the world and the word ‘environment’ first appeared in the newspaper as something to worry about. It was laughed about and the long-haired youngsters were put away as left-wing alarmists. In 1972 the Rome report came in which clearly warned about the direction our planet was moving to. The report made an impact, but the shocking report failed to bring about real change.

For fifty years, activists, professionals and brilliant thinkers have been working to create awareness of the fact that a transition is needed to keep the planet livable for future generations. The transition is now finally starting. There is still a fierce resistance, but they’re showing more and more cracks.

From time to time we can be quite proud of what we have achieved. All those tens of millions of people who have worked for a better world deserve praise.

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