Basic income

July 30th

It is the egg of Columbus: moving the retirement age to 18 years. No jokes, we’re promoting basic income. If we ensure that everyone has enough money to survive, no one has to worry anymore about problems such as: unemployment, abuse of social services and poverty. Moreover, work volume can be distributed more fairly because you already have a basis to fall back on and you don’t necessarily have to work 36 hours a week to generate a good income.

Numerous experiments with basic income have already been done. The most important argument of the opposition, namely that no one will be working if there is free money, hasn’t been validated in any of the experiments. People want to make themselves useful regardless, and go and do volunteer work when there is no work.

Basic income also appears to be a solution for areas where there is enormous poverty, and an experiment is currently ongoing in India. Read our article The Basic Income Solution.

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