Difweb is a new media concept that highlights innovative ideas, plans, and pilots that offer a solution for one of more world problems. Our references are the 2013 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030).

Public knowledge and awareness of the SDG’s is one of the goals of Difweb. In all segments of society ideas are nurtured and pilot projects are started. Social and technical innovations, ranging from abstract ideas to highly developed projects that are already being implemented. The problem is that all these brilliant innovators, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and artists, work in isolation. As such they have a limited success in finding opportunities to further promote, develop, or implement their ideas.

Difweb preforms a quest to find brilliant thinkers with out-of-the-box ideas for world solutions. During a (initial) period of three years Dif will follow them and the development of their ideas, while also connecting them to similar minded innovators who are working on compatible goals. No problem is isolated, and the interaction between different ideas will work as a catalyst for new solutions and approaches. Collaboration, the 17th goal in the SDG 2030, is the overall goal of Difweb. In a world with ever increasing inequality and exhaustion of resources we need to make drastic changes. And as history shows us, creative minds have, and always will play a central role in this process.

The ideas and projects will be collected in the data-hub. Difweb introduces innovators and keeps monitoring their progress. In virtual meeting rooms we’ll gather these innovators around the goals of the SDG’s. We debate and research the possibilities and how we can implement our solutions on a larger scale.

The creators of the legendary bookazine Dif are producing series of journalistic documents which will be distributed (in magazine form) through our partner networks. Renowned photographers, illustrators, writers and artists will translate the SDG’s and our presented solutions to a more appealing format.

All the gathered information and published documents are the prelude to a  major international festival congress in 2020. All ideas and projects come together, next to performances, installations, engaged art, music, theatre, and dance.

For more information download the dif-brochure DIF MEDIA FOUNDATION brochure

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