Adapt a zero-waste lifestyle

Everything we throw away ends up somewhere. Together, the whole world produces around 1 milliontonnes of waste per day and this number is expected to rise every year. Most of this waste ends up on a landfill, in incinerators or in our oceans and fields. Only a very small portion is recycled and processed correctly, making waste one of the biggest challenges of our time for our eco-system, but together we can stop this from getting worse.


Adapt a zero-waste lifestyle

To end the continuous stream of overproduction and waste pollution, we challenge you to reduce your waste.


Reduce, re-use, recycle

Reducing the amount of products you buy and re-using the ones you already have cuts down on manufacturing pollution. Recycling ensures that the products find a second life. A zero-waste life is based on the three R’s. The goal is to create as little waste as possible for a better environment.

Find tips on how to reduce your waste in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and on the road at https://www.goingzerowaste.com

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