Action: healthy in 5000 days


Good food

Vegetablesare healthy but not eaten enough. Livestock farming requires a large amount of agricultural land to feed the animals and is one of the major contributors of greenhouse gasses. Healthy food can prevent many diseases and even cure some. Take diabetes type 2; with the right diet, it can be cured within a short amount of time. 


Healthy in 5000 days

Make Holland healthy in 5000 days. Of course, others can join this challenge as well, the key is to work on introducing the 80-20 principle in as many places as possible. 80% of what is on our plate should be plant-based and locally grown. 20% can be meat, fish or other animal products.



Be the example. 100% vegetarian or vegan is best, but perhaps not absolutely necessary. Visit restaurants that have an ample choice of vegetarian dishes, that work with animal-friendly products and perhaps even pay attention to the fact that green beans grown locally are often tastier than the ones flown in from Kenya. And: spread the word (without patronising).

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