The world is getting divided between optimists and pessimists. To the first group we want to offer cohesion, cooperation and a joined vision, a place where ideas and people are interlinked.

1. dif is a union

We need rapid and radical action to combat climate change, growing inequality and other global issues. Dif is part of a movement committed to unite and facilitate change makers.

2. dif is a spotlight

Around the world, optimists are creating extraordinary solutions to complex world problems. The brilliance of these scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and activists often remains underexposed. Dif is a quest: a curator and a collector of out-of-the-box solutions.

3. dif reflects

We can only achieve change by making the difference. For this reason, we are writing a manifesto about a new, healthy and fair society: join us!

4. dif is action

In 2015, 195 world leaders signed the Sustainable Development Goals 2030: 5000 words that outline our world in 2030. But we need more than good intentions. Dif facilitates and supports actions that move us towards this better world. 

5. dif imagines

What will this brilliant world of 2030 look like? Dif connects artists, illustrators, photographers and others who depict bright new worlds. Their visions will be made visible via engaging communications.

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