The thing about cotton

There’s more in the realm of clothing than just cotton. As we now know, synthetic clothing can contribute to the plastic soup, but even the natural fibres of cotton are not without consequences. High levels of...

Vegan fingerfood

Start your vegan challenge with 7 delicious bits and bites.

Living in the desert

The night’s cold and the day’s heat can be harnessed to balance the extremities of the desert and provide sustainable living. Where people live, nature changes. And, where nature changes, the climate can...

What to do without cotton

Cotton hasn’t been fashionable for a long time. Even when grown biologically it doesn’t offset the problems it causes. Sustainable alternatives can be made from milk, nettles, pineapples, algae, coconuts, and...

Beat poverty

The gap between the poor and rich is still growing, even as UN reports show that the amount of people living below the poverty line is being reduced. According to Novib/Oxfam, 1% of humanity owns 50% of all...

The last mile

The major problem for remote areas in poor countries is seemingly being resolved. Where people had to walk a full day to reach a doctor or pharmacy, now advanced technology is being used to provide healthcare.

What you can do

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