A Meaty Change

Buy an ounce of steak from the butcher and pay a 50% premium. My father – who was a butcher – would be turning in his grave after asking what percentage would remain for his shop. Not too much pa! A considerable part of it will be used for compensation of Co2 by planting trees for example. Then we must invest in machines to capture the methane produced by those beasts. Welfare is needed for the unemployed farmers and butchers. And of course, the government also wants its part in the form of increasing taxes considerably.

Don’t do this? Yes we should. According to a study by the Dutch environmental organization Natuur en Milieu – published last Saturday – we should be paying considerably more for our meat. The cattle industry is the biggest cause of many problems. It uses too much land to feed the animals. It produces loads of greenhouse gases, and the manure contaminates water and air with phosphate and nitrogen.

In fact, an increase of between 30 to 50% – calculated in the report – is far too little. Increase the price of chicken or meat by 350% immediately. This way animals can be treated more humanly, and actually live a decent life. We will then discover that life without our daily piece of meat won’t necessarily make us unhappy. If we then only eat meat twice a week instead of the widely promoted meatless Monday, we will be going in the right direction.

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