Fair food price

Organic farming is on a roll. According to a report published yesterday by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the total number of organic pigs in the Netherlands increased to over 91,000, almost a quarter more than in 2017. Organic potato production in particular has shown a vast growth, but the production of organic […]

It has begun!

National Energy Commissioner Ruud Koornstra wants to win the Dutch Climate Agreement: ‘Embrace the innovative strength of the Netherlands!’

Renaissance of the pig

According to a recent publication in the scientific journal International Journal of Comparative Psychology, pigs have excellent long-term memories, pigs can understand simple symbolic language and learn difficult combinations of symbols, likes to play and do sham fighting, similar to dogs and other mammals, they live in complex social communities where they work together and […]

Agriculture overhauled

It is time for a ‘New Deal’ between farmers and society Yesterday the winners of the Dutch bread and games competition were announced. Initiators Floris Alkemade (Chief Government Architect) and Berno Strootman (Government Advisor for the Landscape) called upon landowners and designers to come up with joint radical, realistic and feasible proposals to get the countryside […]

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Dif report #1 is now available. As an introduction, the first copy is available free of charge, for readers all over the globe. After downloading the ‘dif report’ app in the Google Play Store or the Appstore, enjoy the more than 40 articles, video’s and animations. Theme of the first issue is: ‘Beat the desert’. Almost one third of the world is covered with ‘dead’ earth. Much of this land can be transformed into green paradises, producing sufficient food for the world’s current and future generations.This and many more topics in dif report #1.

Fashion of designer Duran Lantink photographed by Imke Ligthart in Dif report #1

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