War on plastics

Will plastic pollution soon be history?

Money speaks louder than words

consumption is a mighty political tool to influence the food industry

Useful counterfeiting

Reproducing patented drugs is becoming a new and useful trend in academic circles.

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dif report: the magazine now downloadable

Dif report #1 is now available. As an introduction, the first copy is available free of charge, for readers all over the globe. After downloading the ‘dif report’ app in the Google Play Store or the Appstore, enjoy the more than 40 articles, video’s and animations. Theme of the first issue is: ‘Beat the desert’. Almost one third of the world is covered with ‘dead’ earth. Much of this land can be transformed into green paradises, producing sufficient food for the world’s current and future generations.This and many more topics in dif report #1.

Fashion of designer Duran Lantink photographed by Imke Ligthart in Dif report #1

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what will your world look like in 2030?

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Better shares

Shareholders can make a difference by choosing what to buy, or maybe more importantly, not buy.

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