The blue economy is coming

Being green is no longer enough to turn the tide. We need to adopt a blue economy as soon as possible. An economy that stops using up our natural resources. Dif selected ten ideas with the potential to save...

Just Cycling

The Netherlands is a country of cyclists. For us, it’s just business as usual, but we’re a unique country, with over 22.5 million bicycles, and only 16.9 inhabitants (CBS 2015), there is nowhere where cycling...

Power to the people

Energy co-operatives are shooting up like mushrooms all over the world. Their principle is simple and globally applicable. People join forces and take charge over their own, clean energy. The numbers are...

10 tips for less waste

Everyone can help reduce the waste problem, thinking about it is already very important, doing something about it is better, and being an example for others is best.

Beat the HIV epidemic

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa. In 2017, roughly 36.9 million people were living with HIV/AIDS, despite a 47% decrease in the number of new HIV infections since 1996 (UNAIDS). Several...

Healthy in 5000 days

How do you rejuvenate the health of a country in 5000 days? Food guru Rob Baan didn’t just develop a plan to reinvigorate the Rijnmond Delta in this time, but he also started executing that plan. In this Dif...

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