Wet desert

Desert ground in a wet country. An all-in-one solution to beat desertification. In many regions of the world, some larger than 5000 km2, the Dutch foundation ‘Commonland’ is achieving large-scale landscape...

Bottom Up!

In Spain, Pius Floris, the Dutch scientist and entrepreneur, proved that he could bring life back to dead soil. Marije Ravelli interviewed him. Photographer René Bosch enlivens the story with famous cocktails...

Healthy in 5000 days

How do you rejuvenate the health of a country in 5000 days? Food guru Rob Baan didn’t just develop a plan to reinvigorate the Rijnmond Delta in this time, but he also started executing that plan. In this Dif...

The basic income solution

Providing a basic income is primarily a completely different way of thinking about work, spending money, sharing wealth, solidarity and other phenomena that are deeply rooted in our economy. If everyone has a...

Love, love, love

Nothing in life is more important than love. You can work your but off to get higher up the ladder. You can earn millions. You can beat everybody in work, sports or any other hobby. But if you’re live is...

No more nonsense on internet

May 29th No more nonsense on internet A search on Google, a story on Instagram, a post on Facebook, your video on Youtube, together, it all costs millions of tons CO2 to store and cool these messages in the...




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