A holy smoke dinner

This menu has the perfect ‘smokey Christmas’ flavor. Three dishes for a overwhelming vegan experience. All by our partner Man eat plant.

What to do without cotton

Cotton hasn’t been fashionable for a long time. Even when grown biologically it doesn’t offset the problems it causes. Sustainable alternatives can be made from milk, nettles, pineapples, algae, coconuts, and...

The thing about cotton

There’s more in the realm of clothing than just cotton. As we now know, synthetic clothing can contribute to the plastic soup, but even the natural fibres of cotton are not without consequences. High levels of...

Little big battle

The elimination of malaria, HIV/aids, and TB before 2030 That’s one of the sustainable development goals which 195 global leaders signed in 2015.. But it isn’t an easy process. Dif Report presents a number of...

The Blue Economy is here

The fight against tropical diseases

The German pharmaceutical corporation Merck donated over 200 million tablets of praziquantel to the World Health Organization (WHO). They were given to people suffering from schistosomiasis, also known as...

What you can do

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