Traffic needs an overhaul

Urban traffic is increasingly a problem around the globe. In some cities air pollution leads to dramatic situations. All those vehicles running on fossil fuels contribute greatly to climate change through their CO2 output


More bicycles, less gas and dieselcars 

Bicycles are a simple yet effective solution to the traffic and environmental problems in almost every major city. But it is also good for our health to boot. Bicycle traffic should make up 50% of urban traffic. There are only upsides; cheaper to use, lower parking costs, healthy, and good for the future.


Let your voice be heard

In the Netherlands, you can join the Cyclists Union (Fietsersbond), which already has over 34,000 members. The Cyclists Union has been active for over 40 years to make the Netherlands a safer country for cyclists. The Cyclists Union has been busy these last few months with a campaign called “Bring your kids to school on a bike”. The goal is to get 10,000 people to pledge to no longer use their car for home-school traffic. Make the pledge at  https://www.fietsersbond.nl/

But there are also organizations in other countries that promote the usage of bicycles. In Europe, employers can earn a cycling certificate. For this to happen, employees need to convince their boss to participate. 

Interested? Then click the following link:


We all know healthy and fit employees are motivated to go to work, but what do we do for our cyclists? We of Bicyclefriendly companybelieve we should reward cyclists. That could be by giving them a reimbursement of travel costs, or providing a warm shower, perhaps. The checklist is meant to score companies on their cyclist friendly practices on the one hand, and on the other hand to take a critical look at what can be improved. That way we give back to cycling employees and recognize the employer with a bronze, silver, or golden certificate.

How does the certification work? 

Bicyclefriendly companyworks with an European certificate. In the Netherlands the Cyclists Union is allowed to certify companies. Certification happens through the application of employees, to be eligible for a Bronze certificate at least 3 employees need to fill in a questionnaire. For Silver or Gold we would like to pay a visit for an external check. After applying for certification we will contact you.

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